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About Us

To spread optimism and hope of good health to people with spinal cord injury
by offering innovative rehabilitation services.

To offer world-class spinal cord injury services encompassing physical, psychological, vocational, social,
recreational and spiritual rehabilitation for overall well being.

Nina Foundation was founded in India. The objective of the Foundation is to spread hope and optimism
amongst the spinal cord injured. Spinal cord injury is a permanent disability which transforms the
person's life, and rehabilitation is the key to facing life with dignity. Spinal cord injury affects
the limbs as well as bladder, bowel, skin, bones and other organs.

Nina Foundation's activities include the first one-of-its-kind bi-monthly newsletter,
One World - Voice of Paraplegics. The newsletter gives comprehensive information
and solutions related to the distinct physical, medical, psychological, social, recreational and
vocational aspects faced by spinal cord injured. The Founder of the foundation is Dr. Ketna Mehta
who herself has spinal cord injury since 1995 due to a paragliding accident. She founded Nina Foundation
along with her brother Dhaval Mehta in fond memory of her sister Dr. Nina Doshi, who was the inspiration
for her during her rehabilitation.

Nina always encouraged Ketna to be self-reliant, to stretch beyond her limits, to become independent and
pursue her professional and personal goals. Thus, today Ketna is an Editor and Associate Dean,
Research with a leading management institute in Mumbai. Nina always emphasised:
"Take stock of the talents and skills you possess, Believe in your dreams and you will be a success"

The philosophy of life which she planted in Ketna is now being spread through the foundation
to other people with spinal cord injury.

Nina Foundation is an eight year old NGO for rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury.
There are over 3 lakh people with spinal cord injury in India, which makes it the second largest
population with this disability in the world. Spinal cord injury is a permanent disability
which transforms the person's life, and rehabilitation is the key to facing life with dignity.
Our Foundation has been encouraging the members, enabling them to excel in their respective fields.
We have received the NCPEDP Shell Helen Keller Award in 2002, NASEOH Award in 2005
and recently been featured in the development section of Limca Book of World Records 2008 edition.