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WHO Report on Spinal Cord Injury
Nina Foundation
10th Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day -
25th June 2018
Communication Campaign Team:
Illustration: Dr S Y Bhojraj, Spine Surgeon, Trustee
Creative: Mr Dhaval Mehta, Trustee & Kreate& Young Advertising Team
Copy: Dr Riten Pradhan, Orthopaedic Surgeon, UK, Trustee
Statistics: Dr HS Chhabra, Medical Director, ISIC, N. Delhi
Concept, Idea & Leadership for this 10th anniversary campaign : Dr Ketna L Mehta, PhD, Founder Trustee
sci oneworldvol12may12.pdf
Charge on
From despondency and personal loss Nina Foundation was created into a garden of hope, a bouquet of colourful life, a spirit to Relive and Rejoice. Nina’s philosophy of living life to the fullest with courage and cheer, to take stock of our talents, pursuing and fulfilling our dreams and charging ahead in life despite a permanent, devastating and life-altering spinal cord injury, has been the mission of 18 year old NGO Nina Foundation for rehabilitation of friends with spinal cord injury.
25th of June 2000, the day Dr Nina Doshi only 39 years elder sister of Ketna & Dhaval, wife of Dr Himanshu Doshi left this world physically - her inspiration, her philosophy, her spirit and mantras have touched thousands of lives affected by traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury caused mainly due to road traffic accidents in India. Due to lack of world-class holistic and comprehensive rehabilitation centres for the spinal-cord injured in the country ‘this institution without walls’ no administrative staff with the objective of personally counselling and solving the lifelong myriad problems by a band of dedicated and committed Peer Counsellors ( all with spinal cord injury) led by Dr Ms Ketna Mehta, herself a paraplegic since the past 23 years. Following a management problem-solving approach lives have been transformed in rural and urban India enabling them to live happily.
Several friends with spinal cord injury have shared sentiments through videos, photos, audio and messages about the role Nina foundation has played in changing their lives for the better. 25th June 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of instituting for the first time in India a spinal cord injury day to garner interest and awareness about spinal cord injury.